Website common problems

User Manual

1. What's the function of this site?

GagaHi is one of the world’s largest multilingual social platforms , on which people from different regions,with different culture backgrounds and different languages can have a better understanding of each other through internet . On GagaHi you can register for free, upload photos, find friends, mood and comments, send messages and gifts, as well as vote for others. Of course, you can also upgrade to Senior membership or VIP membership to enjoy more functions.

2. How to join and register?

You can first visit (, then choose Language- Sign Up.

3. The price of joining us?

Registration and basic functions of general members are free. The price for a mini member is 9.9 Gold/week, senior member is 20 Gold/month, and VIP member is 199 Gold/month. For more details, please see:VIP service –Upgrade.

4.Failed to register?

Please register correctly:

- Make sure your Email address is real and available.

- Your password should be more than 8 characters and less than 20 characters, and contain letters or numbers.

- Input your birthday.

-Input correct verification code.

- Select your gender&language.

5.Lost Password?

You can retrieve your password in the login page: Login - Forgot Password? - Just fill in your registered Email - Continue - retrieve your password.

6. Why should we fill in personal information and upload photos?

Personal information help to know each other and personal photos leave people a specific impression on the net. Absolutely, you have the right to decide whether to do. The experience tell us improving personal information attract others pay more attention to you, and your photos may increase your attention rate 10 times as many as before!

7.What is Gold on GagaHi?

We offer Gold as a virtual currency for members in order to provide better services. You can buy the Gold in the website and get the appropriate services with it. There is no time limitation, refunded and monetary values of the Gold. It is forbidden to be transfer in private.

8.How to pay or recharge?

We now only offer PayPal for secure payment. Operation is as follows: Login – Recharge. If you have not got a PayPal account, you can choose PayPal-credit card for payment. All methods of payment are absolutely safe. We have no automatic memory and repeat charges procedures. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

9. How to send messages for free? How to translate the message if I need it?

If you want to send free messages without translation, you can choose "No translation". The number of free messages you can send every day depends on your member level. A male ordinary member can send 6 free messages every day. If you want to send more free messages, please upgrade to Mini member, Senior Member or VIP. We can offer the human message translation service.

10. How to Upgrade? Why upgrade to Mini member, Senior Member or VIP?

You can log in - Recharge - Upgrade – Select Upgrade item - Submit. Mini member belongs to week subscription, and Senior member and VIP belong to monthly subscription, for enjoying more features. More details please see: Recharge – Upgrade.

11.Are there real gifts in this site? How to send real gifts?

Yes. You can select true gifts in Mall in your account. In the "Remark" you can fill in delivery requirements, such as the date of arrival, other addresses, messages and so on. Please book the gift one week in advance. If the recipients do not provide addresses and telephone numbers, we need some time to contact the recipient. You should note the time difference when giving a gift. In case of the country's legal holidays, orders may be delayed. International Gift sending time is generally 9:00 AM local time to 5:00 PM. We could only make clear the delivery date, but cannot guarantee morning or afternoon, mainly in urban areas.

12. How to remove account?

You have the right to remove your account. Please contact us by letters or with your registered Email. Then we will cancel your account and all the registration information. When your online level is high enough - Level 16, you can hide or your account without having to contact the administrator.

13.Report illegal members?

We strictly control the illegal and false members. If you find one, especially those who ask you pay to individuals, please contact us and let us know the user name and complaints. We will investigate and take measures as soon as possible. Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you!